The Ramea Islands are a small archipelago off the southwest coast of Newfoundland, southwest of Burgeo. The town of Ramea is located on the most northwest island. Numerous coves and inlets provide secure anchorage for both small and large vessels near what have historically been rich fishing grounds. The islands themselves are flat and boggy, with low hills and gulches. Only Big Island has significant woodland, the other islands having been largely deforested since the nineteenth century.

The Caribou Trail, which is route 480, is located on the Trans Canada Highway 155 km east of Port Aux Basques and 60 km west of Corner Brook. The name Caribou Trail reflects the 60,000 woodland caribou that inhabit the interior of the island.

The Caribou Trail is an explorer's route. There are 146 km of unsurpassed scenic beauty featuring a rainbow of mountains, river valleys and spectacular barrens. In addition to caribou, along the route you may also see other wildlife such as fox, moose, squirrels, and migratory birds.

At the end of route 480, you will find yourself in the town of Burgeo. From Burgeo, you travel by ferry to visit the town of Ramea; or if you wish, other coastal communities such as Francois and Grey River.


A map of Newfoundland outlining the location of Ramea in respect to the rest of the province. The highlighted highways are the Trans Canada & the Caribou Trail while the enlarged portion provides a better view of the Southwest Coast and it's communtities. Click to enlarge