Ramea, an island community with a population of 526 (2012 census), is surrounded by a number of picturesque uninhabited islands. Residents are descendants of settlers from surrounding areas with origins from European countries.

A view of Ship Cove from Man O War Hill.
An aerial view of Ramea. This shot includes a portion of the beach, ship cove, and muddy hole.  Notice the harbour and fish plant, as well as Northwest Pond in the upper right corner.

The scenic community has all the amenities required for a small town. Fresh water is supplied from Northwest Pond and is treated in a newly constructed water treatment plant; household garbage is collected on a weekly basis, and incinerated; a Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro power plant provides electricity for the community; a post office is situated on main street and is open 5 1/2 days weekly, while banking services are provided two days per week; vehicles may be refueled at an Western Petroleum gas pump; security is supplied by an RCMP detachment stationed in nearby Burgeo, where services of Canadian Coast Guard are also situated.

MV Gallipoli: Click to view the ferry schedule.
A daily ferry service to Burgeo is provided by the M.V. Gallipoli, a 99-passenger, 18 vehicle car ferry. Twice weekly, the boat travels to Grey River to accommodate residents of that community. The weekend schedule will differ during summer and winter months to oblige those traveling year-round, and to ensure optimum travel opportunities.


Upon arrival in Ramea, accommodations are available two locations. One Location, the Four Winds is the historic home of the Penny family. Bask in the cultural setting of the former Senator George Penny, and his wife, Marie, who continued to build and operate the family business long after her husbands' premature death. The other, Eastern Outdoors which offers accommodations also caters to the outdoor adventurer with ocean kayak excursions in the area.
Meals are available at Eastern Outdoors. Rock Island Convenience has a coffee bar offering sandwiches upon request. You can also purchase a snack from the grocery section and use the in-store microwave.
Four Winds Bed & Breakfast

The new St. Boniface All Grade School; opened in 1997
Educational needs are provided by a Kindergarten - Grade 12 school located in the center of town. The present St. Boniface All Grade School was opened to students in February 1997. The building is a modern, state-of-the-art educational facility which provides children of the community with ample opportunities to participate in educational and technological advances in preparation for life beyond St. Boniface and Ramea. The schools’ computer lab is equipped with 18 computers. The school also houses the Marie S. Penny Memorial Library, which is operated jointly by the school and local Library Board. A vast amount of varied reading material is available for all ages.

Nurse Douglas Stewart Memorial Clinic is operated by Western Health Care Corporation, and is staffed by a nurse practitioner, a LPN and a public health nurse. The clinic is well equipped with required medical apparatus, and also houses the towns’ morgue. Medical emergencies are transported to Burgeo by the local ferry or by helicopter from a nearby landing pad.

Services of faith are held regularly at St. Boniface Anglican Church Services are conducted by one of a number of volunteer lay-readers. Periodic visits are made by clergy from nearby Burgeo.
St. Boniface Anglican Church

Those traveling by personal boats, yachts, etc., can take advantage of docking facilities under the management of Ramea Harbour Authority.

Ramea can boast of a fully-equipped and trained volunteer fire department, which is very active in promoting fire safety, as well as raising funds to continually upgrade and update their firefighting equipment.

Television services have been provided by a nonprofit volunteer organization, Ramea Broadcasting Company Limited, since 1984. Currently, a number of news and entertainment stations provide hours of television entertainment to the viewing public.

On Main Street, a memorial pays tribute to the young men of Ramea who answered the call to serve their country and, for many, lost their lives in World War II.
Ramea's War Memorial: Each Remembrance Day, wreaths decorated with poppies are placed around the monumet to salute the brave soldiers of the World War
A little further along, the Ramea Heritage Center maintains a vast and diverse number of articles that exhibits our culture and legacy to visitors. In season, the Center is staffed by student workers.

An extensive number of recreational opportunities are available for those of all ages and interests. Walkers and hikers can avail of the walking trail and observation points on Man O’War Hill and "Goodknock". The young-at-heart can visit the Senior Puffin’s 50+ Club every Friday night for an evening of fun and socialization. In addition, weekly bingo and card games provide relaxation and entertainment for those who choose to participate, and regular meetings of a significant number of groups and organizations offer an outlet for public service and volunteers of all ages.

A view of Ramea's harbour as seen from Man O War Hill. Notice the MV Gallipoli is preparing to dock.
A view o

Ramea residents are proud of their culture and their community, and are quick to indicate points of interest, or lend a helping hand to visitors. That pride is evidenced by their entry in the provincial Tidy Town competitions for the past number of years, and being awarded first place for their population range in 1997.