Ramea offers many recreational activities to residents and visitors.

In the center of town, you can utilize the field for softball, baseball, soccer or football games. The adjacent unsupervised playground provides swings, slides and other favorite forms of entertainment for children up to 12 years of age. The outdoor hockey rink provides a suitable space for basketball, tennis, rollerblading, etc., in addition to hockey and ice skating during the winter months.
Located in the center of town, Ramea's little sports complex includes an outdoor hockey rink, softball field, children's playground and St. Boniface All Grade School gymnasium.

A look inside the St. Boniface All Grade School Gymnasium. The facility is well equipped to take part in numerous indoor sports and activities
The school gymnasium possesses the facilities and equipment for a number of indoor sports including volleyball, ball hockey, badminton, basketball, etc. Students can participate in afterschool sports while adults can take advantage of the facility during reserved times in the evenings.

Unfortunately our swimming pool at the back of the island, had to be closed, due to new regulations, and the lack of funds to cover over $350,000 in needed modifications.

Ramea's Outdoor Swimming Pool

If you enjoy walking or hiking, you can avail of the Walking Trail around the back of the island. The scenic trail provides a couple of hours of relaxing walking. You can enter and exit the trail at a number of points for a shorter stroll. Hike to the top of Man O’War Hill for a breathtaking view of Ramea and surrounding islands. Hike and visit the light station at Northwest Point. A shorter hike to the observation deck on "Goodknock" gives another panoramic view of the community and area.

One of many starting points of the walking trail. This one in particular branches from Scott's Cove Road.
A small section of the walking trail; features one of numerous benches placed around the trail.

Kayaking is a novel activity for this area, but if you prefer a different view of the islands, this is an excellent method to gain a closer look at the surroundings.

Picnic grounds are strategically located around the island. What an excellent way to relax and enjoy the quiet, serene atmosphere!

If you enjoy fishing and bird hunting, you can try catching a few mackerel or cod, or you might prefer tracking turrs or ducks. All would provide a tasty meal!

Recreational facilities notwithstanding, the community also plans a number of celebrations. Canada Day events are held annually with games for kids, hot dogs, and cake. August brings the yearly Rock Island Music Festival. Enjoy two days of local entertainment, fun and games, and food galore!